Alevel film studies coursework

Faculty-student relations: Core faculty are brought in from around the world. While all teachers are accomplished professional filmmakers, their primary purpose in Prague is to teach students at Prague Film School. The dynamics are then what you find at exclusive boarding schools and small colleges in the ., where the teachers are highly devoted to their students and accessible. Faculty also embody the school’s ideology of integrating European art house with American independent cinemas.

Diversity of student body: In a student body of 100 students, 30-35 countries are represented. Nearly every other student is from a different part of the world, but there’s a sub-cultural glue binding them together. Students live and breathe film together.

The next long take is from Frank Darabont’s  The Shawshank Redemption . A white bus is seen driving up the street towards a long building. As the bus turns to drive around the building the camera goes straight over the top of the building to reveal the vast expanses of Shawshank Prison. Hundreds of prisoners in the yard are all seen walking in the same direction, seemingly toward the same place. As the camera makes it to the end of the prison yard the bus returns to the frame, meeting a group of guards at the same spot all of the prisoners had been heading towards.

Alevel film studies coursework

a level film studies coursework


a level film studies courseworka level film studies courseworka level film studies courseworka level film studies coursework