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Iram/Ubar was finally located with the help of satellite images, and an expedition to investigate the site (at modern Shisur), using geophysical scanners and such like, took place in the early1990s. It turned out that the city (actually, more of a town in size) was destroyed when it collapsed into a sink hole. See Nicholas Clapp, The Road to Ubar: Finding the Atlantis of the Sands (1998) – the figure on (reproduced in Gallery 7F , ) gives a vivid impression of its extraordinary demise sometime between about 300 and 500 AD. Ironically, Bertram Thomas had actually been there, without realising that it was Ubar ( Arabia Felix , -137.)

It’s actually a running joke because of his long hair in the drama and BQ is a lot manlier in her nonchalant and indifferent surface. I agree that the drama makes YH a lot better than in the story. But it stay true to the novel 90%, which I can’t say the same with the movie. Heck YY likely can’t even play MY and YH at the same time nor LYF can have 5 characters to act like YM. And what does it has to do with people went head over heal for MZ? They love him because of his acting, not his face… or Look, which a shallow person like you care about and try everything to pick on him

It is not the first time the high fees of Chinese actors make headlines. In 2016, The Beijing Review reported that Chinese stars’ salaries were under fire for being excessively high. A member of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, Sun Baoshu, stated that since casting takes up such a large part of production funds, producers have to cut budgets for things such as scriptwriting, stage setting, and sound recording. This leads to poorer productions, Sun said, harming the development of China’s entertainment market.

Blossom essay fan peach

blossom essay fan peach