Change management phd thesis

Specialization : Doctoral students will have the choice to create their own specialties in conjunction with their interests and faculty expertise. The various university centers and programs serve as additional resources for students as they craft their particular course of study. A wide variety of relevant electives are also offered through other doctoral programs on campus, particularly in public policy and global studies , as well as a program of courses at Boston area universities, for example, attending research seminars such as the Economic Sociology series hosted by Harvard and MIT or participating in the Graduate Consortium on Women’s Studies of which UMass Boston is a member.

He is Senior Research Scholar and Executive Director of the South Asia Program at the Asia-Pacific Research Center at Stanford University. He worked previously for the Robert Fleming Investment Banking Group, first as CEO of its India operations and later as head of its San Francisco operations. He has also been the chairman and CEO of a stockbroking firm on the OTCEI exchange in India, the deputy editor of Business India Weekly , and a professor of finance at Pennsylvania State University. He is the author of Telecommunications Reform in India and Prospects for Peace in South Asia .

Change management phd thesis

change management phd thesis


change management phd thesischange management phd thesischange management phd thesischange management phd thesis