Church jewish question essay

And then, LET US ALL hope and pray that the current BISHOPS of our Church Militant here on earth LOOK OUT THEIR WINDOWS and take a GOOD LOOK as to what is taking place in the nations and state of our contemporary World and to untold millions of people currently living their lives in this VERY SORRY AND SAD SHAPE ‘World’ of ours - and to FINALLY getting around TO USING their Ecclesiastical Powers and Authority AS BISHOPS of the Lord’s Own One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church IN PERFORMING their public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Most Holy Theotokos’ Immaculately Loving Heart AS Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal!

In pre- Hitler Germany open antisemitism as the voice of the Catholic masses was limited and even after 1933 those Catholics who rallied to it were marginal. But while only occasionally such publications as Katholizismus und Judenfrage (1923) appeared in which the author, J. Roth, a chaplain, vindicated antisemitism though with reservations, few attempts were made to reach a deeper understanding of Judaism. Among those who firmly opposed antisemitism in public there was Franz Roedel (1891–1969), director of the Catholic Judaica Institute (founded in 1958), and a contributor to the Mitteilungen aus dem Verein zur Abwehr des Anti-semitismus .

Church jewish question essay

church jewish question essay


church jewish question essaychurch jewish question essaychurch jewish question essaychurch jewish question essay