Components of thesis-write up

Grab yourself a pi-top
pi-top is the upgradable laptop you build yourself. It features a 13” HD screen, built-in trackpad and keyboard and offers over 10 hours of battery life. pi-top makes using a Raspberry Pi easier than ever, and allows you to swap out and replace your old pi board as new upgrades are released.
Featuring its own pi-topOS, you can easily personalise your display, connect to Wi-Fi and access fun, educational software.

Introducing the pi-topCEED
Available in cool grey or funky green the pi-topCEED offers an exciting way to create your own Raspberry Pi-powered desktop computer. Get started straight away with the plug and play pi-topCEED – all you need is your Raspberry Pi, a mouse and keyboard and you’re ready to go!
Suitable for all ages and abilities, pi-topCEED teaches programming and also opens up endless prototyping opportunities with the included prototyping board and international power supply (only available from RS).

Components of thesis-write up

components of thesis-write up


components of thesis-write upcomponents of thesis-write upcomponents of thesis-write upcomponents of thesis-write up