Educational websites

April 29, 2017
Here is a handy infographic we have been working on for the last couple of days.  We compiled 32 educational websites based on the Ultimate EdTech Chart we published a few months ago. We arranged these websites into 8 different categories and for each of these categories we came up with four websites that best represent the selected content area. The categories we have included are : websites for language arts teachers, websites for math teachers, websites for science teachers, websites for physics teachers, websites for history teachers,  websites for social studies teachers, websites for arts teachers, and websites for music teachers.  You can find links to the websites in this chart . Enjoy

This visual is available for free download in PDF format .

Sure, this is obviously another category under “science,” but if you’re a “Green” family, or you’re really into animals, it’s an important one. The world is filled with an endless array of natural wonders and stunning places for kids to learn about, and it makes sense that National Geographic would be the entity that would offer the best nature site for kids with National Geographic Kids . This website has amazing images and explanations of animals and places on earth for kids to explore. Of course they do also have interactive sections like an online coloring book and a games section. And yes, the games section is very cool, with one game where you race a turtle in a scene that is reminiscent of Finding Nemo .

Educational websites

educational websites


educational websiteseducational websiteseducational websiteseducational websites