Essay about patriotism

Under Georgia law (. 20-2-145), public schools are required to provide character development programming to all students with a focus on developing the following character traits: courage, patriotism, citizenship, honesty, fairness, respect for others, kindness, cooperation, self-respect, self-control, courtesy, compassion, tolerance, diligence, generosity, punctuality, cleanliness, cheerfulness, school pride, respect for the environment, respect for the creator, patience, creativity, sportsmanship loyalty, perseverance, and virtue.

This is the inevitable result of the “patriotism good, nationalism bad” argument. Anti-nationalism leads to anti-patriotism except for the most cold, abstract variety of what remains of “patriotism,” which itself easily becomes a form of utopianism with a progressive bent. And this trajectory, from a historically concrete patriotism and nationalism to a “patriotism” consisting primarily of “striving to fulfill our ideals” of a utopian progressivism, is already happening in our universities and schools. At the end of the day, to paraphrase Ben Franklin, patriotism and nationalism will either hang together, or they will hang separately, both diluted and diminished.

Essay about patriotism

essay about patriotism


essay about patriotismessay about patriotismessay about patriotismessay about patriotism