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A campus interview (or nowadays, a phone or videoconference interview) clearly has two sides: the overt interview by which the institution assesses the candidate, and the reciprocal interview by which the candidate assesses the institution. But there is also an “inverse” aspect, in that each side’s efforts to evaluate the other are visible to both participants and become part of evidence under consideration. Search committee members and institutional leaders tend to choose interview questions that reflect the institution’s mission and values; interviewees should, likewise, be aware that their questions reveal their own priorities.

After selling her business and marrying Lattie, she founded the President's Community Enrichment Programs at ASU which aims to unite the university with its surrounding community. Elva also co-founded Building Great Communities, and founded an organization meant to increase the graduation rate of African American students at ASU. Later, she headed the effort to save Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's home from demolition. This experience inspired Lattie, to create a project called SpeakOut AZ, through The Center for the Future of Arizona, designed to increase civic participation throughout Arizona and include civics curriculum in schools. She was also honored as Valley Leadership Woman of the Year in 2015.

Essay audio engineering

essay audio engineering


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