Essays on population explosion

Are the above mentioned interrelated demographic changes an opportunity or a threat? There is a great potential of economic growth in the LDCs with an increasing population growth, but only if the governments could create a better functioning market, and set appropriate policies to cope with the problems brought by rapid population growth. Ageing population is a common problem among the MDCs. Governments should invest more in education for the society, so as to develop a knowledge-based economy, and enhance the skills and competitiveness of people of all ages in order to cope with the shrinking workforce.

The effects of the human population on the natural environment are of public concern and scientific interest, as are the effects of the natural environment on the human population. Together they are the subject of an expanding research effort: the emerging field of population–environment analysis. This supplement to Population and Development Review is the first attempt to systematically address methodological issues in population–environment analysis. Its contributors—demographers, other social scientists, and environmental scientists—describe and critically examine key concepts and analytical approaches, both in  theoretical terms and through examples and case studies. The population–environment systems discussed range from air pollution in urban localities to national-level problems of land cover and food security. The conclusions point toward needed advances in system modeling and interdisciplinary research.

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Essays on population explosion

essays on population explosion


essays on population explosionessays on population explosionessays on population explosionessays on population explosion