Essays on why cloning is wrong

Pigs have a tiny amount of human genes, but a richer mix could be made. Geep have already been born - half sheep and half goat. What about combining humans and monkeys to make a half and half breed? This is not difficult. All you have to do is combine two balls of growing cells in the pre-embryo stage. Human and rabbit cells have already been combined to make a humabbit - announced late in 2000. Fortunately, only a few human embryo cells were added to the rabbit embryo - which was born looking exactly like a normal rabbit but with a mixture of human cells throughout its brain, skin, bone, kidneys, liver, eyes and heart.

The non-profit Human Cloning Foundation exists to promote human cloning, embryonic stem cell research, and other forms of biotechnology. It started with a Web site in February 1998. It was incorporated in the state of Georgia November 23, 1998 and received its IRS letter of determination as a nonprofit on December 14th, 1999. The HCF exists largely in cyberspace as a collection of volunteers.

The Human Cloning Foundation believes that cloning technology can be used to cure diseases and prolong life. The HCF believes that blood can be cloned, organs can be cloned, and that infertility can be cured with the use of this new technology. We hope that cloning will help unlock the secrets of cancer and lead to its cure. Cloning should lead to remarkable advances in cosmetic and plastic surgery, as well as anti-aging therapies and other forms of rejuvenation. Cloning has already revolutionized biology and medicine.

Human cloning often makes the news. Since the birth of Dolly the sheep, created by Ian Wilmut, and publicized by pro-cloning scientists such as Richard Seed, we have archived pro-human cloning essays. Therapeutic human cloning and reproductive human cloning have been in the news as two separate entities, with supporters for one or both. Some additional supporters of human cloning are bioethicist Gregory Pence and constitutional attorney John Robertson.

Human Cloning is asexual reproduction. A human clone is basically a younger twin. Cloning is on the cutting edge of biotechnology and gene therapy. For some, cloning will be a medical miracle, and a brave new world.

Brave New World is also the title of an anti-cloning book and movie, which made people afraid of human cloning. Cloning is the future; it’s a global trend, and many futurologists support human cloning.

Essays on why cloning is wrong

essays on why cloning is wrong


essays on why cloning is wrongessays on why cloning is wrongessays on why cloning is wrongessays on why cloning is wrong