Ghostwriter jamal jenkins

*eye-roll* @ the guy who played alphie and his “mixtape” who the hell DOESN’T have a mixtape? we need to find another hobby for black men to do. why is every black men an aspiring rapper? why not a chef? or business owner (i don’t mean the type of business they already do “hustling” by going on each train car all day selling blunt wraps,bootleg dvds,incense and candy -_-),scientist? or inventor? they make good money and at least it’s positive! how could any mother be proud of their son while hes making money by being extremely disrespectful and violent in all his songs? it’s so tired! do something constructive fella! *end rant*

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(UPDATED ... April 20th 2012)

I put ad's up on the page at least once a week that I have seen and know or have very kindly been emailed in.
Sincere apologies, but PLEASE don't ask me to search an ad song for you. If you can't find it , odds on.. I cant!!
With all the many pages I do on my hobby-site I just haven't the time for hour long searches ~ really sorry.
If I cannot find the actual video of the ad , I put a link to a video of the artist/band performing the song (where possible)
watch = video of TV Advert ...... listen = Video of Artist or band

Other cast members include Lt. Isaiah McQuade (Mike Hodge), and the team's enemies: Calvin Ferguson ( Wil Horneff in "Ghost Story", Joey Shea thereafter) and Jeffrey Baxter (Jon Hershfield). The show's numerous guest stars included Samuel L. Jackson as Jamal's father Reginald "Reggie" Jenkins in the first three cases (later replaced by Dean Irby ), Mark Linn-Baker , Julia Stiles , Max Wright , Spike Lee , Patricia Barry , Daisy Fuentes , Orlagh Cassidy , Judge Reinhold , Melinda Mullins , Annabelle Gurwitch , Robin Leach , Salt-N-Pepa , Madhur Jaffrey , Harry Connick, Jr. , CeCe Peniston , David Patrick Kelly , Charles Mann and Bo Jackson .

Ghostwriter jamal jenkins

ghostwriter jamal jenkins


ghostwriter jamal jenkinsghostwriter jamal jenkinsghostwriter jamal jenkinsghostwriter jamal jenkins