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Mrs. Annie Holchak, the mother of C. K. and Steve Holchak, and Mrs. C. M. Karasek, died last Saturday at the age of 78 years. Mrs. Holchak was born in Austria and came to America in 1855. They settled first at Frelsburg in Colorado county, where the family resided several years. They then moved to Austin county, where the elder Holchak died in 1861. She moved to Shiner with her daughter, Mrs. C. M. Karasek, in 1896, with whom she resided up to the time of her death.

Shiner Gazette , 10 Apr 1901

In the account given last week of the death of Mrs. Anna Holchak. the Gazette was in error as to the time of the death of her husband, Mr. Michael Holchak, instead of 1861 it was in 1863 he died.

To reach the Walston Cemetery from Florence, Alabama, travel west on Alabama Highway 20 for miles. Turn left (west) onto County Rd. 14 (Waterloo Rd.) and travel miles to the community of Oakland, Alabama. Turn left (south onto County Rd. 15 and go about mile to the cemetery on the right about 100 yards off the road. The Walston cemetery is in western Lauderdale County, Alabama. This is a relatively old cemetery with the oldest known burial being Elizabeth Walston in 1830. Another indicator of the age of this cemetery is the very large old trees shown in the accompanying photos.

Henry alline research paper

henry alline research paper


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