Hyde park balance scorecard essay

Peterson's new offering, Hyde Park, greets the nose with a sweet, slightly soapy aroma. The blender chose to wisely use a plastic bag in the tin rather than the traditional paper lining. The tobacco itself is a blend of beautifully broken flakes, some of which are fairly long. Based on the strong tin aroma, my first thought was that Hyde Park would be a full on aromatic. The flakes are moist and will need some dry time, especially if you are not planning on rubbing it out. I generally rub out most blends and this one dried fairly quickly once I had done so. Upon lighting up, it is very apparent that Hyde Park leaves the majority of its tin aroma in the tin. The flavor is mainly of pure tobacco with the topping, somewhat Lakeland like flavor, in a supporting role. I associate the flavor with a light Lakeland more than a traditional (in today's terms) aromatic. It smokes very smoothly with no bite. It is easy to distinguish the Virginia and Burley. Unlike Rum Flake from GH, I find this to have less of a nic hit. HP is more medium in the strength department for my taste. It will be interesting to see what a few years in the cellar will do to the blend. I expect it to age wonderfully. Three and half stars.

HS KL Jul 17 2015 7:07 pm After watching other dramas both good and not so good ones, I keep coming back to this drama. It was unfortunate that this HJM was released just after KMHM. It did not help that the start of HJM was not that captivating and a bit slow. I reviewed both HJM & KMHM again. KMHM was entertaining and funny, I really enjoyed it. JHM is more deep, meaningful, that challenged the actors. Hyun Bin is a delight to watch & Han Ji Min is one of favourite actress but they did not seem to fit in with each other well. The one other thing that I really enjoyed were the very well directed scenes, there were many perfect scenes, so well executed with excellent cinematography. For example the starry night scene out of the out house, the ice slipping with the beautiful lights, the one at the bench.

Hyde park balance scorecard essay

hyde park balance scorecard essay


hyde park balance scorecard essayhyde park balance scorecard essayhyde park balance scorecard essayhyde park balance scorecard essay