Idont want to do my homework right now

(The first time.) I moved to Norway with post graduate education in a field where Norway doesn’t have these type of qualifications in their workforce so I was considered highly educated and employable.  It also helped that I was a self-starter and initiated projects.  I had a strong Norwegian family base with a Norwegian husband.  I didn’t know the language but my Norwegian family helped me greatly with language and culture.  Even though I didn’t have a job when I came to Norway my husband worked full time in a good job and could support me.  As soon as my residency was accepted by UDI I found employment.  I have lasted a lot longer than the people in my Norwegian language immigrant class.  Most of them have packed it in and gone home.  I was very active in the community, dedicating my time and talents, and created a good network of associates and friends.

I have made a very good friend from SA. She moved here with her husband and children in January and I hired her to work with me at my work. She is a smart hard working lady. One of the most amazing people I have ever met. However, she did tell me all the atrocities that go on over there, hence why they left. And she is by far NOT racist, but she does feel that the black people are the cause of most of the problems. I was shocked when she told me three black men walked into her friends home with AK-47s. Her children were there playing with her friends children. They got the kids on the ground and threatened to kill them, pointing guns at them, they robbed the whole house and even took their cellphones. When the police caught up with the perpertrators, they just let them go free!!! They were never charged, they just walked away laughing. They never got their stuff back. These were little kids, her daughter was about 11 at the time. Imagine that happening to your child in your home. She could have been raped or they could have been murdered. The kids also had a knife pulled on them in the street for their cellphone. I freaking cellphone?!?!?! This was in Durban where they lived. She also told me about the disgusting act of raping babies to cure AIDS??? Im sorry but that is just mental and crazy! She now works at another company round the corner as we had to sell the company she was running here. She emailed me today and says she misses “home”. I think it is very unfair that the decent people in SA should have to be torn between loving their home, but hating the way their country is being managed and feeling like they are being forced out. Living in constant fear is not living. All countries have their faults, but wouldnt it be nice to be able to stop at the lights without getting carjacked/murdered? Or got to the supermarket and not have to pay someone to watch over your car? Or go to the beach and not have people start having sex right next to you in front of children? That is how my friend feels. I couldnt imagine not feeling safe in my own country. I hope the good South Africans take a stand and take their country back.

Idont want to do my homework right now

i dont want to do my homework right now


i dont want to do my homework right nowi dont want to do my homework right nowi dont want to do my homework right nowi dont want to do my homework right now