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WHAT IT FOUND: Only Panelbase's second poll of the election, it might be fair to take this one with a pinch of salt. But it found Labour's poll deficit had closed from 22 points to 17 compared with the first Panelbase poll a week earlier. That's still huge, but there is some good news for the Labour leader. The poll found the NHS is by far the top issue for voters. 63% named it in their top three election priorities - compared to 40% saying Brexit , 38% saying immigration and 31% saying the economy. The poll was carried out just before Mr Corbyn vowed to halt the Tories' £22bn hospital cuts programme.

During the Second Dalek War, the Daleks used more advanced casings. Despite their efforts, after decades of fighting, the Daleks found they were losing. They tried to use the Arkheon Threshold , a rift in time above a planet they had destroyed decades earlier, planning to use the rift to wipe out humanity throughout time so that the human race would have never existed. They used human prisoners to dig through the crust of the planet to reach the Threshold. The Tenth Doctor joined forces with a crew of Dalek Bounty Hunters aboard a spaceship called the Wayfarer . About the same time, the people of the planet Auros learned of an approaching Dalek fleet , and the population fled before the Daleks arrived. Meanwhile, the Daleks waited for the refugee fleet to come to them and the Dalek Inquisitor General , Dalek X , ordered the citizens sent to work in the Arkheon mines. The crew and the Doctor were taken prisoner on Arkheon and the Doctor was forced to reveal his identity. Dalek X arrived to subject the Doctor to torture and extract Bowman's brain to learn how to bypass Earth's defence systems. The Doctor explained that the Daleks did not have the technology to use the Threshold, but Dalek X thought the Doctor's TARDIS would allow their plan to succeed. The Doctor used his TARDIS as a lure to take Dalek X to Hurala , where Bowman, Koral and he escaped due to Cuttin' Edge attacking a Dalek and being exterminated. The Doctor detonated the abandoned fuelling station on Hurala , destroying all the Daleks as well as Dalek X's flagship , the Exterminator . The loss put a huge dent in the Dalek war machine. Earth pushed back their fleet and the Dalek Empire surrendered shortly after. Dalek X was knocked down by a gantry and survived the explosion, though was badly damaged and unable to escape. ( PROSE : Prisoner of the Daleks )

Orb spider judith beveridge essay

orb spider judith beveridge essay


orb spider judith beveridge essayorb spider judith beveridge essayorb spider judith beveridge essayorb spider judith beveridge essay