Packaging design thesis

Competition for visibility on a West Coast craft beer shelf is fierce. Stoutnik's frosted matte black bottle is immediately visible from a distance and printing techniques not usually seen on craft beer labels increase the differentiation even more. The constantly changing colours of the satellite-esque foil stamp draw the eye as the customer walks past. The stylish, sparse, contemporary design compels him to pick up the bottle. The story told in blind-embossed Morse Code seals the deal, propelling him from a state of curiosity towards a confirmed launch plan.

The Performing Arts Department at Santa Fe University of Art and Design will introduce you to all the ins and outs of production and performance – while you focus on a chosen specialty. With our strong foundation in Theatre basics, and a specialization in what you love, you’ll be known and respected around the country for your knowledge and professionalism. Unlike many conservatory programs, we have no waiting period for first-year students – that means you’ll be auditioning for a mainstage production as soon as you get here Freshman year.

Packaging design thesis

packaging design thesis


packaging design thesispackaging design thesispackaging design thesispackaging design thesis