Qualities of hero essay

On a scouting tour around the island, Crusoe discovers a delightful valley in which he decides to build a country retreat or “bower” in Chapter XII. This bower contrasts sharply with Crusoe’s first residence, since it is built not for the practical purpose of shelter or storage, but simply for pleasure: “because I was so enamoured of the place.” Crusoe is no longer focused solely on survival, which by this point in the novel is more or less secure. Now, for the first time since his arrival, he thinks in terms of “pleasantness.” Thus, the bower symbolizes a radical improvement in Crusoe’s attitude toward his time on the island. Island life is no longer necessarily a disaster to suffer through, but may be an opportunity for enjoyment—just as, for the Presbyterian, life may be enjoyed only after hard work has been finished and repentance achieved.

Love is something that brings us on these type of questions....bcoz most of us are in confusion...but according to me--love is about caring anyone we want..if anything happens to those we love seems that happend to us...it may be happiness,joy,sad....etc...connection of feelings iz not only love..as an example -if a man may be a leader does something good for his peoples or country then it's not his feelings connected with people's but that's also love..love for humanity.....samething is with others...someone loves his/her family;frnds;lifepartner;sometime it starts with attraction(boyfriend,girlfriend),nation, thing .........so we should love everything that's good for good people Love iz great....it is that thing that always spread happiness...it's a passion to keep and be happy and satisfied with life......so as someone blessed by god for a good life... .....Love is great.....and people who follow love are more great..so try loving......start loving..and get love get life..bcoz love iz life

The poem itself, then, represents Achilles as being slowly moved to return to battle, under the influence of the values he shares with his fellow Achaeans. And the slowness of the movement, far from being a measure of Achilles’ egomaniacal hubris, or of the error he commits in refusing to take Agamemnon’s gifts, is a measure of his greatness and worth, and of the harm Agamemnon did him by insultingly underestimating that worth. Every dead Achaean is, one might say, another measure of just how valuable Achilles is to Agamemnon and the allies.

Qualities of hero essay

qualities of hero essay


qualities of hero essayqualities of hero essayqualities of hero essayqualities of hero essay