Rainforest essay competition

2-7 July 2018  – International Schools Debates, Awards and Visits, Victoria, Seychelles. In addition to the Primary and Secondary School Debates, which will take place on consecutive days, participants will enjoy a special programme of ocean-themed visits and events, including CPD for Teacher Champions in support of the global, UNESCO-led Education for Sustainable Development programme. All participants other than the Grand Prize Winner are responsible for making their own travel arrangements (. flights, transfers, accommodation, subsistence and miscellaneous costs).

We soon arrived at the boat dock and piled out of the bus. With anticipation building, we sat in a small room and discussed the coming boat ride. The sun had set and we walked down the dock and boarded the boat, enveloped in darkness. Half of the group ventured up to the top deck, and it immediately started to rain heavily. As we were getting completely soaked, I mused that the rain marked the start of our journey into the rainforest, a forbearer of the elements we would face in the coming days. We soggy students were then re-directed to the middle deck, which was fully enclosed and had many tables, benches and chairs. We devoured our boxed dinners as we curiously examined the pictures of the Explorama lodges that were printed on the outside of each box. I slipped the colorful box into my backpack as a small memento. The box dinner consisted of eggs, tropical fruits, orange crackers, an apple and plantains. I was surprised at how salty and crisp the plantains were–they didn’t taste like bananas at all, but rather like potato chips. There was also delicious coffee on the boat, which I made a mental note to tell my dad, a coffee aficionado, about. The ride lasted two and a half hours and the group passed the time by playing a variety of card games. Upon arrival at the bank of the Amazon in the dead of night, we took out our flashlights and headlamps as we nervously ventured onto the side deck, taking care not to fall in the slippery puddles.

Rainforest essay competition

rainforest essay competition


rainforest essay competitionrainforest essay competitionrainforest essay competitionrainforest essay competition