Salted fish thesis

Food Ingredient Main species present Country Ale Grain Yeast World wide Busa Rice, millet, sugar Turkey Beer Barley Yeast, lactic acid bacteria World wide Cheese Milk Lactic acid bacteria, mold World wide Chicha Maize and other grains South America Dadih Milk Lactic acid bacteria Indonesia Dawadawa Locust beans Bacillus, Staphylococcus West Africa Gari Cassava Leuconostoc, Alcaligenes, Corynebacterium, Lactobacillus Nigeria Gherkins,salted Cucumber Lactic acid bacteria Idli/dosa Rice and black gram Leuc mesenteroides, Enterococcus faecalis, yeast India Injera Tef Leuc mesenteroides, P cerevisiae, L plantarum, Sac cerevisiae Ethiopia I-sushi Fish Lactic acid bacteria, yeast Japan Kaanga piro Maize Lactic acid bacteria New Zealand Kefir Milk Streptococcus, Lactobacillus and Leuconostoc sp, Candida kefyr, Kluyveromyces fragilis Eastern Europe Kenkey Maize, sorghum Lactic acid bacteria Ghana Kimchi Vegetables Leuc mesenteroides, L brevis, L plantarum Korea Koko Maize, sorghum Lactic acid bacteria Ghana Kombucha Tea, sugar complex mix of bacteria and yeasts Worldwide Leavened bread Wheat Yeast Europe, North America Lambic beer Barley Yeasts, lactic acid bacteria Belgium Mahewu Maize L lactis, Lactobacillus sp South Africa Miso Soy beand Lactic acid bacteria, mold South east Asia Nam Pork, rice, garlic, salt P cerevisiae, L plantarum, L brevis Thailand Nono Milk Lactic acid bacteria Nigeria Ogi Maize, sorghum, millet L plantarum, Corynebacterium sp, Acetobacter, Yeast Nigeria Olives Olives Lactic acid bacteria, yeasts Mediterranean Palm wine Palm sap Yeasts, lactic acid bacteria World wide Pin dang Fish roe - Phillipines Poi Taro Lactic acid bacteria Hawaii Puto Rice Leuc mesenteroides, Enterococcus faecalis Phillipines Qula Yak milk Lactic acid bacteria, yeast Tibet Salami Meat Lactic acid bacteria World wide Sauerkraut Cabbage Lactic acid bacteria Europe, North America Sorghum beer Sorghum Lactic acid bacteria South Africa Sourdough bread Wheat, rye Lactic acid bacteria Europe, North America Soy sauce, miso Soy beans Lactic acid bacteria, mold South east Asia Tempeh Soy beans Mold, yeast, bacteria Indonesia Tibi Fruit - Mexico Tofu (fermented) Soy milk Lactic acid baceteria, Bacillus sp South east Asia Trahanas Milk and wheat Lactic acid bacteria Greece Wines Fruit Yeasts, lactic acid bacteria and acetic acid bacteria World wide Yogurt Milk Lactic acid bacteria World wide

My companions decided to go with the  menú del día , the daily fixed price lunch, for which there were half a dozen offerings. Frances went with the  merluza a la romana , fried hake – a tad overcooked, and the “mixed vegetables”, which were potatoes, carrots, and a few scattered peas, probably would have benefited from simply being a classic local  ensalada rusa of the same vegetables tossed in a seasoned mayo. Fred went with the  milanesa de berenjena napolitana , a nod to a lighter meal by choosing eggplant over a veal scallop, but still breaded, topped with ham, cheese, and tomato sauce, and quite good, though accompanied by a mound of soggy french fries. Some day, the idea of a crisp exterior french fry will seep its way into consciousness here…..

Newfoundland's salt fish was now going to Spain, Portugal, Italy, Brazil, and the British West Indies. One of the reasons for Newfoundland's presence in many different markets was that its fishery produced many different grades of salt fish (see 19th Century Trade ), and could therefore supply markets with different requirements. Spain and Portugal demanded higher quality fish, for example, while the British West Indies preferred poorer quality (and therefore cheaper) varieties and cures. All of these regions needed cheap and well-preserved sources of protein, and produced goods that could finance the purchase of salt fish, such as fruit, wine, nuts, oils, and sugar. Heading into the second half of the nineteenth century, Newfoundland had a well-developed network of markets for its staple product.

Salted fish thesis

salted fish thesis


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