Scarlet letter term papers

Approximately a year after the Ultron Offensive , Scarlet Witch joined her fellow Avengers in tracking down Crossbones and his mercenaries to Lagos, Nigeria, where he was planning to attack the Institute for Infectious Diseases and steal a biochemical weapon. The Avengers immediately rushed towards the IFID, with Captain America arriving first on scene, followed by Falcon and Scarlet Witch. Scarlet Witch lifted Captain America onto the third floor to subdue Crossbones and used her powers to vent the anesthetic gas out into the open air.

Perhaps Pearl recognizes this, for she urges Dimmesdale to stand beside her and her mother at noontime the next day on the scaffold. Pearl senses that things have come to a head, that Dimmesdale will soon confess and that there will be a reckoning for him that will set them all free. Dimmesdale demurs, perhaps knowing that he cannot bear to make such a confession, and instead suggests that he and Hester will find freedom in the dark. It is then that the meteor streaks by, illuminating them in the whitest of light, foreshadowing Dimmesdale's revelation to the town and, more importantly, the absolution that will come with confession.

Scarlet letter term papers

scarlet letter term papers


scarlet letter term papersscarlet letter term papersscarlet letter term papersscarlet letter term papers