Sophomore honors research paper

Stony Brook nursing students enjoy all the advantages of being a part of an Academic Medical Center. Clinical experiences are highlighted at Stony Brook University Medical Center which is a dynamic 560 bed tertiary care hospital that is the only level one trauma center in the area. All of the students from the University’s Health Sciences Center, Medicine, Dentistry, Social Welfare and Health Management and Technology, interact closely playing a major role in shaping your future as a practitioner. These learning partnerships are what give Stony Brook Nurses the competitive edge upon graduation.

The Department of Science and Mathematics houses the Biology , Biology Education , Chemistry , Mathematics , Mathematics Education , Middle Level Mathematics Education ,  Middle Level Science Education  and Physics  majors. We focus on an understanding and appreciation of the both strengths and limitations of scientific thought; encourage continual stewardship of the created order; promote a recognition of the value of logic and creativity in critical thought; and accurately present the role of science in contemporary culture. Many of our degrees are part of the Pre-Professional program at MNU.

Sophomore honors research paper

sophomore honors research paper


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