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“After the bombing at my brother’s graduation party, the people who blew up the bomb came after my family, saying that they were going to kill us. They hated people who worked with the government, and they would do anything to kill them. My parents had invited friends and family and some people from the government to the party. After moving to the United States, my mother had a hard time forgiving those people, but we had to move on and live the life we wanted. I have pushed myself to learn everything I can, even though it was hard for me. I am so proud of myself this year for taking hard classes and doing my very best. I want my mom to see me graduate from college, just like my oldest brother would have done.”

“Nothing Gold Can Stay” offers Ponyboy and Johnny a way to understand their lives; it gives the boys a framework for the traumatic events of their story. The poem likens the inevitable loss of innocence that the boys experience to the wilting of flowers. Sunrises transform the night into day, flowers wilt, and paradise is destroyed. In the poem, the conditions of existence dictate that everything loses its initial innocence. This loss of youth and purity does not have to be devastating, however. By using a metaphor from nature, Frost suggests that the loss of innocence is as natural as the death of a flower. Both losses must be accepted as an inevitable part of the cycle of life. Because of their poverty, the greasers will inevitably suffer losses and sacrifices. In citing the poem, Johnny and Ponyboy acknowledge that this loss is unavoidable but not that the loss of beauty is inevitable. Before he dies, Johnny urges Ponyboy to “[s]tay gold,” to hold onto those ideals that will outlast his loss of youth and innocence.

On a positive side,due to the rapid deforestation and depleting natural vegetations, few wild animals are losing their natural homes and are on the verge of zoos provides shelter to such endangered animals and help us avoid losing them ,the zoos provides an excellent oppurtunity to the children and adults aswell to have a close look at the animals which otherwise would be not possible to is very beneficial to the students both from the educations as well as from the entertainment point of importantly,the animals are taken well care off in the zoos with proper living conditions and
However,contrary to the above, there are ample negative aspects of keeping the animals in the zoos which many think are against the will of the animals are denied of their freedom by limiting them to the cages and regularly hounded aby the animals are depriving of their privacies and importantly,there have been numerous cases of animal detahs in zoos resulting due to improper living conditions,food and lack of care by the
Although there are pros and cons of keeping the animals in zoos,a more acceptable approach would to maintain the animals by providing a proper and suitable living conditions to the would result in a win win situation for both the animals as well as the curious

The outsiders essay help

the outsiders essay help


the outsiders essay helpthe outsiders essay helpthe outsiders essay helpthe outsiders essay help