Thesis chemistry cambridge ontario

Our group develops and applies transient techniques in solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to probe the chemical and physical properties of materials involved in heterogeneous catalysis,... Read more News and Events Ann Lii-Rosales, a graduate student in the Thiel group, has won the $1,000 poster prize at the Minnesota Regional AVS meeting. She will be travelling to the national meeting in October to compete as a finalist for the student prize of the Nanoscience & Technology Division.

A two-year Master's Degree in Chemistry is available in our department and involves course work in at least four of the following areas of chemistry: analytical, biochemistry, environmental, inorganic, organic, and physical; and independent research project culminating in a written thesis. A non-thesis option is also available. There are active research groups in our department in all of these areas of chemistry. For a description of the areas and specific projects in which our faculty experiment, see a  PDF document detailing our faculty's research  ( MB). We have a small research mentor/graduate student ratio that produces close interaction between our students and faculty. Our department's research facilities are split between the top two floors of the new Chemistry/Forensic Science building.

Thesis chemistry cambridge ontario

thesis chemistry cambridge ontario


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