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The epitome of cross-functional, Identity has the distinct pleasure of impacting every single department, business owner and user within an organization. Yet it’s not always clear who owns it. Often times, it’s jointly owned across IT, security, legal and HR. But as the old business adage goes … ‘if everyone owns it, no one owns it.’ Join Okta's CIO Mark Settle with Jaswinder Hayre, Dow Jones, CISO; Sami Hassanyeh, AARP, Chief Digital Officer; and Christine Sullivan, City Year, VP of IT Services in a panel as we explore the intricacies of IAM ownership across today’s modern enterprise.

August 2014: Industry Position Paper Released - "Reporting Conformance to ICT Accessibility Standards"
The Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) released the white paper Reporting Conformance to ICT Accessibility Standards (PDF) about the trend requiring companies to give a "yes/no" or "pass/fail" answer when addressing how well products meet accessibility requirements. The paper reviews how this is an insufficient way to answer accessibility criteria and the impact it has when being applied to complex products. Oracle uses the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) to report accessibility conformance of our products.

Data Collection – The data collection method used for the project was the survey method. The survey method of collecting data involves questioning employees for their responses. The employees were asked questions in the form of statements to which they agreed, disagreed or were neutral based on the 5 choice Likert scale. They were asked a variety of questions regarding their attitudes, intentions and preferences in the light of situations and circumstances given in the statements. The questionnaire designed for this project also consisted of a multiple choice question to ascertain the factor that motivated the employees the most.

Thesis on cloud erp

thesis on cloud erp


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