What makes a villain essay

It wasn’t that long ago I was debating with Cracks whether or not Galactus should be characterized as a villain. I’m of the mind that near omnipotent cosmic entities should not be judged by the likes of mere mortals. Really, all he does is kill to survive. Yes, he is capable of committing genocide by consuming our own planet. But, I put forth the idea that he is no different than a farmer who slaughters cattle for beef without first safely redistributing all of the varied life forms that made that particular cattle home. Yes, to Galactus even the most important of us would be no important than a flea or a tick, does that make Galactus evil? No, not anymore than the farmer is evil. They are people with families who live off the land and make their livings by making life easier for the rest of us. Sure, that comparison probably does little to comfort the memory of the Archeopians , the Skrulls , or the Korbinites .

Both kinds of villian can be successful, but it depends on what type of story you want to tell. A grand, large-scale story of politics and intrigue might warrant the latter type, but it could also work with a Joker-esque villian since his insanity would be even more terrifying when scaled up. Likewise, a story focused on a few individuals could be good with a Joker, since the protagonist would be able to experience the chaotic, violent nature of the antagonist up close, but with a more grey villian could offer a great chance for personal development on both sides. 

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What makes a villain essay

what makes a villain essay


what makes a villain essaywhat makes a villain essaywhat makes a villain essaywhat makes a villain essay