Whiskey rebellion essay

Ah, the controversy of cocktails. As I’m sure you’re seeing a trend, many whiskey drinkers will be snooty and say that adding anything other than whiskey to your whiskey is heresy. You’ll even find this sentiment on certain whiskey labels – “Best enjoyed neat or with a dash of water.”

It all comes down to your own opinion, and what you like. That’s it. Mr. Graber – founder of two whiskey companies – notes that while your first try of any whiskey should be neat, after you’ve gotten to know the beverage, you can play around a little and find out what you like. While I tend to enjoy whiskey as its own beverage, every once in a while it’s certainly fun to add additional flavors to the mix.

Please be aware there is no such thing as correct English. There is no arbiter of English spelling, grammar and style rules, as there is for French and other languages. All so-called rules really just come down to a matter of taste. That is what accounts for different publications having different rules and different dictionaries having different spellings for the same word. Anyone can publish a dictionary. Does that make it an authority? The Times uses serial commas, while the AP does not. Is one of them more right than the other? No. What matters is consistency, as this column helpfully points out.

Whiskey rebellion essay

whiskey rebellion essay


whiskey rebellion essaywhiskey rebellion essaywhiskey rebellion essaywhiskey rebellion essay